#ScandicBee wallpapers are available in 2 materials:

Self-Adhesive 100% polyester woven fabric (Price 47 € / m²): Peel&Stick wallpaper. This material has a small texture. This wallpaper is easy to install. You can reposition the wallpaper within 4 hours after processing.
Material: 100% PET, PVC free, OekoTex.

Non-woven material (Price 39 € / m²): non-woven wallpaper fleece material, absolutely free of PVC and plasticizing agents. Non-woven fleece: a mix of paper and polyester. Smooth material. Glue can be applied directly to the wall!

Before printing, we will send the finished wallpaper image to the customer's e-mail address for confirmation.
Production time: 3-5 working days.

How to order!

1. Send us: the measurements of the wall (height and width) so we can give you a price.
2. Tell us the name of the wallpaper you want.
3. After budget approval, if you like the proposal, we will send you an invoice by email.
4. If everything is OK, please make the payment!
5. Receive the package at your door. Simple as that!

Email address: hello@scandicbee.ee

Leaves II


The Milky Way

Mongolia Flowers II

Brown Fluid

Silver paint

Beige Peony

Magnolia Birds

Bohemian Arrangement, Beige


Beige Leaves

Bohemian Arrangement

Forest Wallpaper

Jungle Birds

Fresco Trees

World of Peonies, Beige

Marble Ink

Misty Forest

Silver Reed

Giant Roses

Zoodiac Sky

Liquid paint 10

Liquid paint 9

Shadows 3

Vintage Landscape

Pink Marble

World of Peonies

Golden birds

Peonies 3

Gentle Swallows

Foggy Forest 4

Botany Tropical

Coral Fluid

Forest Wallpaper III

Liquid paint 1

Bohemian Floral 2

Watercolor Mountains II

Liquid paint 2

Geometric Birds

Sky Dream


Foggy forest 1

Humming Bloom

Flower Aura

Beige Foggy Wisteria

Vintage Botanicals

Age Landscapes Black&White

Bird On Branch

Floral Birds 2

Forest Abstraction, Beige

Bohemian Field, Grey

Fresco Meadow

Grey Feathers

Bohemian Hydrangea Gold&Pink

Trees II

Bohemian Field

Abstract Geometry


Birds Flora

Geometric Lines

Meadow Flowers

Beige Swan Lake


Green Palm Leaves

Water Lilies/ Burgundy

Dramatic sky

Foggy Wisteria

Beige Abstract Lines II



Marble 1

White Flowers III

Deers in Forest


Up and Away

Flower Madness, Violet

Flamingos Paradise

Light Sugar Magnolia

Forest Photo

Abstract leaves



Sugar Magnolia

Forest Abstraction

Light Estampe

Gorgeous Palm Leaves, Green&Brown

Sontana 2

Ocean illustration

Liquid paint 7

Foggy Landscape

Grey Estampe

Abstract Birds

Navy Blue Fern

3d Fern

Wallpaper palm leaves

Beauty Everywhere/ White

Watercolor Botanic

Gorgeous Palm Leaves, Beige

Tree crown

Zoodiac, Blue

Meadow Flowers 2

Hand painted minimalist

Liquid paint 6

Marble 2

Tecnografica 2


Blue Lagoon Fluid

Peonies 2

Dreamy 2


Tecnografica 1

Oil Painting 2

Gorgeous flowers/ Blue

Oil Painting 3

Bohemian Hydrangea

Fresco Peony


Magnolia flowers

The Beauty of Pine Trees

Forest panorama

Colorful Wisteria

Sky 2


Flying swans

Water Lilies

Beige Fern II


Tree Crown 2

Secret Garden

Painted forest 2

Painted Branches

Colorful Feathers

Water Lilies/ Pewter Gray

Swan Lake

Age Landscapes

Heron Green

Vintage Flowers/ White

Beauty Everywhere

Peonies 4

Stone Mountains

Vintage Tree&Birds

Beige Trees

Vintage Forest

Vintage Tropical Wallpaper



Wildlife, Pink

Bohemian Landscape - Green

Gorgeous Leaves

Pink Fern

Tangled Jungle III

Gorgeous Palm Leaves, Pink

Paradise 2

Pink Peony

Foggy forest 3

Silk Sky

Acrylic Flowers

Oil Painting

Cozy Trees

Geometric Waves

Forest Wallpaper II

Forest Silhouettes

White Trees

Tropical Flowery

Grand Peony

Call of the Jungle 2

Bohemian Landscape - Grey


Boho Imagination

World map B&W

Trees III

Tropical mural/ Green

Flora 1

Pink Garden

Golden Lines

Pink Birds Bohemia



Wild Bouquet

Peonies on a blue background

Watercolor mountains

Gorgeous Leaves, Pink

Abstract Waves

Exotic Garden

Tangled Jungle II Black&White

Green Birds Bohemia

Hidden Forest

Pencil Drawing


Gorgeous Palm Leaves

Sunrise in the mountains

Golden beauty


Grey Mandala

Leaves mural/ Creme

Vintage Wisteria

Morning Forest

Boho Abstract

Fluid Abstraction

Gorgeous flowers/ Pink

Flowers&Birds 2

Day in Jungle

Vintage Flowers/ Beige

Essence of Spring

Pink&Blue Fluid

Beige Mountains

Prideful Deers

Soft Coral

Bohemian Hydrangea Emerald

Carpathian Mountains


Retro Transport

Trees Oil Painting

Under the Sea 2

Blue Geometry

Hanging Fern/ Beige

Deco Flowers

Bohemian Birds- Green

City of Lights

Gorgeous flowers/ Pink 2



Abstract Pattern

Exploring Leopard

Graceful Leopards/ Grey

Abstract Painted Wall

Ethnography Blue

Navy Green Flora Nature

The Great Wave


Blue Palm Leaves

Shadows 2

Geometric Brown

Gorgeous Leaves, Beige

Hiding Animals

Elegant Fern

Grey World map

Autumn Garden/ Grey

Flower Aura/ Lilac

Pink Wisteria

Pink Fluid


Graceful Leopards

Gentle Flowers

Beige Feathers

Line art 1

Under the Sea

Cozy Trees 2

Light Botany Tropical

World of Peonies, Grey

Bohemian Hydrangea Pink&Green

Dragon Mountains

Tangled Jungle II

Gorgeous Leaves, Green

Forest Landscape

Tropicana Pattern

Bohemian Hydrangea Beige

Liquid paint 11

Blue Paradise


Leaves mural/ Brown

Grey Birds Bohemia

Bohemian Hydrangea Grey

Flora Nature

Lost Paradise

Garden at Night

Water Lilies/ Dark Green

Paradise 1

Abstract forest

Grey Flora Nature

Golden Circles

Tangled Jungle

In the Field


Beige Watercolor Abstract


Morning Flowery

Pink Flora Nature

Dark Pink Swan Lake

Bohemian Floral

Birds Bohemia

Beige&Gold Swan Lake

World of Peonies, Gold

Graceful Leopards/ White

Viva 1

Call of the Jungle B&W

Hanging Leaves 2

Elegant Fern/ Biege

Golden Beauty 2

Mangolia Flowers III

Monkey’s Paradise/ Vintage 2

Hanging Fern

Circles 2

Autumn Garden 2

Elegant Fern/ Pink

Pink&Blue Fluid II

Abstract forest 2

Pink Swan Lake

Not A Typical Wallpaper

Flower Madness

Crane Birds

Deco Feathers


Hanging Fern/ Pink

Bouquet on Gray

Black Estampe

Bohemian Birds- Grey

Deco Flowers 2

Colorful Africa 2

Park Night



Pink Abstract Lines

Blue Abstract Lines

Grey Watercolor Abstract

Beige Watercolor Lines

Zoodiac, Grey

Zoodiac, Beige

Bohemian Parrots

Bohemian Parrots, Pink

Bohemian Parrots, Green

Abstract Mural

Abstract Milky Way

Colorful Parrots

Bohemian Field, Green

Beige Fresco Meadow